Is it normal to have a curved penis?

You are probably wondering if every guy’s penis is straight as a wooden plank stick? Is it normal that penis is curved? Why did your friends say his penis somehow slightly deviates to the left or right? How exactly normal is normal for a penis? Do I need to go for health screening after knowing how different my penis might be?

It is common that penis has a curve slightly to the right or left when erect. Think of it as a banana shape. Penis supposedly does not curve too significantly. If the penis curved too much and causes pain sensation or starting to hinder you from sex life, you need to see a doctor as this is not normal and will affect your sexual life if left untreated. These complaints could indicate you probably have a disease called Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease is a progressive disorder of the penis caused by scar tissue called plaque under the skin of penis which leads to shortening and curvature of penis.  This plaque later on can be felt by touch and is often mistaken for a dangerous tumour. The formation of scar involves a process of inflammation which triggers pain to the penis.  It is considered a progressive disease as it causes erectile dysfunction and severe impairment of penetrative intercourse.

Trauma to the penis is one of the causes for Peyronie’s disease. However, most patients could not recall their significant trauma history around the private body area. The trauma does not have to be an obvious one as it could be micro injury of the penis’ blood vessel or from vigorous sexual activity. Some cases also involve genetics which means the disease itself is hereditary. People with family history of Peyronie’s disease should be aware they are likely to develop this disease. Patients with diabetes have a compromised blood circulation system which can also be the reason for Peyronie’s disease.

Doctor will ask history of patients especially on the pain and how bad it effects sexual life. The doctor will then proceed with examinations of the penis while the penis is flaccid and erected to see for signs of lump, curvature and shape of penis. Imaging test or blood test is usually unnecessary to diagnose this disease but more for investigation of the plaque which normally is requested by a specialist.

Patients diagnosed with Peyronie’s need not to worry as there are numerous ways to treat this condition. Patients with minimal pain and curvature, can maintain normal sexual function or not sexually active may not need any medicine or treatment. Patients with pain and significant curvature may need medicine or surgery to help improve their quality of life. Patients who opt to not undergo surgery may be provided with medicine such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) to alleviate the pain and injection to the plaque’s site to reduce the penis curvature. Some even prescribed sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra). However, for patients with impairment of sexual life, failed medications using drugs and extensive plaque, doctor will recommend undergoing surgery. Patients need to understand that even upon surgery, the penis might not be fully restored to its previous original state and the main aim of the surgery is to improve the functional use of penis.

Peyronie’s disease could greatly affect a man’s life and cause significant distress. Erectile dysfunction could be a great hindrance for a man to have a satisfactory life. Injection directly to the plaques remains the only non-surgical option that proves high effectiveness. Surgery is the best treatment as it provides better outcomes and functionality that will certainly improve the patient’s quality of life.


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