HydraDerm Facial: Reasons Why You Should Try It Now

The HydraDerm facial bandwagon is expected to not going to die soon. In every habituated corner of the world, someone is receiving a HydraDerm facial every 18 seconds. This refreshing skin treatment is taking the world by storm.

It is expected that two more million treatments will be administered next year. To convince you about the beauty of the HydraDerm facial treatment, I will walk you through some of the reasons why it is one of the best facials.

It is for every skin type

If you are worried that the treatment will not be compatible with your skin type, you need not fret because it is appropriate for every type of skin. Whether your skin is dry, sebaceous, normal, or a combination; the effect is still the same for every skin type.

Additionally, the treatment is also available for nearly all ages and complexions. Teenagers who are suffering from acne could benefit from the treatment, as well as older patients who have wrinkles and dry skin. 

The results are effective

It doesn’t matter where you receive the HydraDerm treatment, the results are similar and consistent. This skin treatment utilizes a gentle tool that carefully removes impurities from the pores and fills the surface of the skin with a serum that helps restore the health of the epidermis and leaves glowing skin. 

Safe extractions

A lot of patients are requesting a facialist to avoid the extractions because of the fear of a burning sensation and redness. However, rest assured that the procedure is still relaxing while still as potent as other rigorous treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. 

No-fuss instant satisfaction

HydraDerm Facial strikes a fine balance between a typical spa facial and a laser treatment. It can quickly enhance the tone and texture of the skin, and even treat conditions like acne with no side effects. This is why this procedure is perfect for events like weddings and high-profile gatherings because it can deliver an instant glow.

It can coincide with other procedures

One of the benefits of this water-based treatment is that it can be done on the same day as other procedures like laser treatment and injectables. What this means is that you can visit the dermatologist’s clinic for a filler and a facial to hit two birds with one stone! 

Additionally, it can also act as a catalyst to speed up the recovery process from other procedures while also deeply nourishing the skin.

It is highly customizable

HydraDerm Facial treatment is a three-step process and it involves a deep cleaning of the pores and leaving the skin hydrated. Although, you can request the doctor to add a mixture of growth factors for wrinkles or you can choose from various levels of salicylic acid peels based on your skin type. 

Whatever your preferences are, the aesthetician could go the extra mile if you need a personalized HydraDerm Facial treatment. This could enhance your skin based on your desired result.

The takeaway

Indeed, HydraDerm Facial is more than just a phenomenon but a skin treatment that deeply cleans the pores of the skin and provides an instant glow to the face. Additionally, this relaxing treatment has multiple benefits that are enough to convince you to try it out. Book an appointment at Edmonton aesthetic clinic now and start your journey to instant glow!


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