Different ways to enjoy the benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the highly used mind-altering drugs that is known to offer not just good mental effects but also physical effects in a positive manner. The reason why it is popular is because of its recreational purpose. This drug is derived from the hemp plant and the chemicals present in it are taken from the flowering shoots and leaves. There is a popular chemical called THC which is quite strong and offers best of the results.

Planning to use Marijuana? Know different ways

Marijuana can be used in many ways. You can often use marijuana pipes to smoke it as a shredded dry green with a mix of flowers, seeds, and leaves. You can even smoke it in the bong or blunt which is a cigar casing. If you want you can mix it in food or even brew it as tea. There are multiple ways by which you can enjoy the health benefits. Also, some of them are listed below there than smoking through the pipe.

  • Using the Edibles 

There are lemonades, gummies, and even pot brownies which are the types of edibles through which you can consume marijuana pipes. It is a powerful way by which cannabis can be consumed and you don’t even have to smoke it.

  • Capsules and tablets 

Another interesting way by which you can enjoy the effects of marijuana is through pills and tablets. It offers the right dosing that your body needs. This means there will not be any calories or cooking dibble added to it all. It is one traditional way as you take other medicines and certainly one of the best choices, especially for those who see marijuana as a medicinal option.

  • Powder

Did you know there is a way by which you can create its powder in the form of THC powder which gets dissolved easily in the water and take it just the way you would consume any sports supplement? Well, it is easy, precise, and offers a quick onset as compared to some traditional edibles. It certainly is a great way to start consuming it if you are a newbie.

  • Vapes 

In this, all you need to do is heat up the marijuana so the cannabinoids present in it will be released into the air creating a vapor that you can then inhale. There will not be any kind of smoke.


If you are keen to try out marijuana be it through the marijuana pipes or the other options suggested above, it is better to speak with your healthcare expert on the same.


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