A Brief Overview Of The Functioning Of The Hymen

A patch of tissue called the hymen surrounds or covers a portion of your vaginal entrance. It develops during pregnancy and is present at birth. Over time, it ages and rips. When a hymen breaks, some people experience discomfort or bleeding, but most people won’t.

It is made up of tissue leftovers from the development of the foetus. Your hymen is particular to you and might alter in size, shape, and thickness over time. When you are born, your hymen, a medallion-shaped tissue, surrounds your vaginal opening; occasionally, it simply covers the bottom. Occasionally, the hymen will fully block your vaginal opening, preventing menstruation.

The Function Of A Hymen

There is no function for your hymen in the reproductive system or body. Nobody is completely certain of what the hymen performs, contrary to other tissues or organs with a known function. Some speculate that it may be related to preventing bacteria or foreign items from entering your vagina.

What Transpires If A Person’s Hymen Tears?

Some people are aware when their hymen ruptures, while others are not. Your hymen may stretch, like the other tissues within your body, and is flexible. Generally, the hymen doesn’t break the very first time you apply pressure to it. It actually is a tissue that softens over time till it finally breaks. The pain isn’t as bad as you’d feel if your bone breaks.

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When a hymen breaks, you might experience some discomfort or a little bleeding, but it doesn’t generally happen. Being a pliable tissue, it expands and breaks down with time as a result of daily activities or tampon use. Many people mistake bleeding after your hymen breaks for their menstruation or spotting.

When Your Hymen Breaks, Can It Grow Back?

Your hymen cannot regrow after it breaks, so no. It is a tissue membrane that develops throughout growth and development and cannot grow back in adulthood.

How Does A Hymen Appear?

The colour of your hymen matches that of the flesh surrounding the vagina. It may encircle the vaginal entrance or take the shape of a crescent moon just below it. Since doing so would prevent menstrual flow from leaving your body, the hymen doesn’t cover the entire vaginal opening. The hymen is easier to spot in babies as it has not had a chance to weaken.

Your hymen could appear to be a little piece of tissue that has been shifted to one side if broken. It’s difficult to see and impossible to feel with your finger a torn hymen. It occasionally tends to revert to facing the vaginal entrance.

How Can I Tell Whether My Hymen Is In Good Shape?

Once you reach adolescence, you’ll probably be able to tell if you have a problem with your hymen. Generally speaking, your period will prevent you from inserting or using tampons. In extremely rare circumstances, your hymen may prevent you from getting your period altogether because it blocks the opening of your vagina. When you reach adolescence, your lady doctor should be able to make a diagnosis of a hymen issue, if any.

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