3 Reasons Why Aikido Stick is Beneficial for Women

Nobody considers herself a possible victim. Many women want to feel more confident in a world that constantly tries to undermine their confidence. In reality, one out of every five women is a victim of rape, assault, abuse, or attempted rape in her lifetime.

That is why women must develop self-awareness, strength, and defensive skills. There are numerous approaches, but we believe that frequent aikido practice and usage of the aikido stick may be helpful, mainly as it teaches deflection and control. Discover these benefits below.

Women and Aikido

Female aikidoka and allied arts learners have existed since Aikido’s early days. These are indicated by images of Japanese middle school girls performing aikido budo about 1940 in Soden. It is considered among the rarest technical documents.

Women have a place in Aikido. But there are specific reasons why having physiological qualities linked with being female may greatly benefit practising Aikido and using an aikido stick.

Physical Advantages

Aikido is a fantastic program for physical fitness, flexibility, and relaxation. The use of the Aikido stick in training does unexpectedly improve the body.

Power is generated by your body in two ways: contractive and expanding. Contractive training isolates and works individual muscles or muscle groups to develop tone, mass, and power. Expansive activities need your body to learn to move in a coordinated and relaxed manner. Aikido, too, emphasises this type of training.

Aikido stick training will teach you how to employ contractive and expanding power in a balanced manner. You are capable of mastering it. As a result, even a tiny individual may develop immense energy and self-defence ability.


The Aikido method may be used at many levels of severity, ranging from moderate regulating techniques to the most extreme countermeasures. Aikido is thus excellent for use in a variety of defensive scenarios. It encompasses law enforcement, corrections, and security, whether in mental health or medical settings, as well as civilian, women’s, and children’s defence.

Aikido can be easily adapted to any scenario that occurs. It is the samurai’s legacy. They invented these methods to deal with a confusing diversity of assaults from single or many assailants. As a result, the aikido stick training comes to life, empowering women to become decisive and efficient with their defensive skills using the traditional tactics of the samurai.

Psychological Advantages

Aikido conditioning does not divide the body and mind. The state of one will have an effect on the other. As a result, the physical relaxation taught in Aikido automatically transforms into mental tranquillity. Similarly, mental endurance and confidence materialise in a body that moves and holds itself confidently and forcefully.

Aikido stick training urges the learner to confront conflict rather than avoid it. An Aikido practitioner learns to tackle life’s challenges proactively and constructively through this authentic, bodily experience. This training can produce a new person who is direct, bold but modest, and capable of being assertive and yielding as circumstances demand.

Are you a woman, or do you know someone who needs to reap the benefits while learning Aikido? Find out the necessary information on Aikido and aikido stick techniques here.

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