4 Tips to Process Cannabis for Concentrates, Pre-rolls, Etc.

Cannabis has become a trending topic all around the world. With its plethora of benefits, there’s no wonder.

However, cannabis can become confusing when it comes to extraction, as there are so many different types and methods to choose from. The method you use to process cannabis will depend on the type you want. For example, you can use cannabis in the form of concentrates, pre-rolls, and more.

To help you better understand how to process cannabis, here are 4 top tips for you to follow.


Bucking is the first step in the process and you will need the best marijuana bucking machine for it. This is where you will cut the branch from the base where it intersects with the main trunk. You can then render them by cutting smaller stems of the first clippings. You can continue to cut until there are no other stems to obtain. Removing the leaves is the next important part. It is easier to remove the large leaves which typically grow from the lower portion of the plant. This will help you later on in the process, by reducing the need to trim the crow’s feet off. You can then take the stem in one hand, and with the other, run down in a quick motion to strip the buds from the stem.

Some people will invest in the best bucking machine for marijuana that will do this automatically for them.

Once the bucking process has been completed, they are ready for transportation and trimming.


Trimming cannabis is a great step to do as it will make them appear of higher quality, give them a better smell, make them easier to consume and have a higher THC concentration. Wet trimming is done before the drying process, which will help combat mold and help them dry much quicker. It is also great if you are drying them in a high-humidity room or only have a small space to dry them in.

Trimming will require sharp scissors, disposable gloves, and trays. Set up a clean and dedicated area and start with a branch at a time to help you practice your technique if you are new. Trim off any sugar leaves that are sticking out, dead and yellow leaves, and any smaller buds at the bottom, and the top of your plant. Separate the leaves from the buds ready for drying.


Drying your cannabis is an important part of the process, as it will increase its shelf-life and its quality for consumption. Drying is a skill. Cannabis is typically filled with moisture, which can impact its taste as well as its risk of mold and other unpleasant factors. There are different ways that you can dry your cannabis, but the easiest and most popular forms of drying are hanging and a drying rack. You can dedicate a space and hang entire branches from a strong piece of string. Alternatively, you can separate them from the branches and spread them out on a drying rack. Regardless of which option you choose, you should ensure there is a good flow of air and little humidity in the room.


Grinding cannabis is just as easy as using a herb grinder. While there are many hands-on methods you can use, such as scissors, kitchen knives, or even your fingers to grind cannabis, a dedicated grinder can make the job much quicker and easier for you, and provide you with better results. You can choose from a simple plastic grinder or a more advanced grinder like metal or a 3-piece.

When you grind your cannabis, make sure you load it in properly and follow the instructions. Once you have successfully ground your cannabis, be careful when opening the lid. You can then use your product in whichever way you wish, whether you want to put it in a pre-roll or make an oil with it.

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